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The Philodendron scandens is part of the Araceae family, native to South-American tropical climates. Whether its species is that of the Cordatum, Brazil or Micans, very rare, this ravishing trailing plant’s popularity is undoubtedly based on its robustness an easy care. It will charm you given its shiny foliage shaped as a heart, an arrow or a spear, and will certainly add an exotic feel to any room where it is set!

The Philodendron scandens appreciates good indirect light but can also evolve in medium to low light conditions. It will grow more slowly in such cases but will be healthy all the same. It can also be placed under fluorescent lighting which makes it an ideal plant for any office space. You may even train it to grow on trellis if you wish to do so!


When set in a luminous environment, the Philodendron scandens should be watered when the first third of its soil is dry. Water it at half pot if placed in medium or low light. A good way of knowing if it needs a drink is the texture of the foliage: if the leaves wilt, your plant is thirsty.

It is best to shorten the vines twice or three times per year; you can do so by simply pinching them with your fingers. If they grow too long, the plant will strip at the base. The Philodendron scandens is also perfect for cuttings, to split and share.

When you take possession of your plant, make sure you assess its watering needs. Before you give it a drink the first time, check the soil’s moisture level to verify whether or not it is moist near the surface. It is best to aerate the soil before the initial watering since it is often compacted to avoid shifting during transit. This also allows it to breathe and release moisture.

Rotate your plant periodically in order to encourage an even growth. Cleaning the leaves regularly will stimulate proper photosynthesis. As you wipe the foliage, inspect the leaves on either side to make sure there are no pests.

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