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The Maranta leuconeura, commonly called Prayer Plant, is part of the Marantaceae family, native to Brazil. This rhizomatous plant will grow upright at the beginning then spread as it matures if not raised on trellis. 

The Maranta leuconeura rolls out its oval and ribbed foliage during the day to curl it back up at night. The coloring of its leaves is worthy of a painter’s work: they are covered with complex and symmetrical markings, with strong colour contrasts and veins. A unique element to observe especially when it gets ready for bed at night!


The Maranta leuconeura thrives on heat and humidity. To be happy inside, it requires good luminosity, even medium light depending on the season. It is best to keep it away from direct sun which could scorch its leaves. It will need to be watered when the first third of its soil is dry. It will appreciate being misted regularly, especially during winter.

When you take possession of your plant, make sure you assess its watering needs. Before you give it a drink the first time, check the soil’s moisture level to verify whether or not it is moist near the surface. It is best to aerate the soil before the initial watering since it is often compacted to avoid shifting during transit. This also allows it to breathe and release moisture.

Rotate your plant periodically in order to encourage an even growth. Cleaning the leaves regularly will stimulate proper photosynthesis. As you wipe the foliage, inspect the leaves on either side to make sure there are no pests.

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