Eucalyptus Plant

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Eucalyptus Plant

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The Eucalyptus in a member of the Myrtaceae family and is native to Australia, where 800 species are found. Incidentally, they make up for 95% of continent’s forests. 

The Eucalyptus will have the appearance of a little bush or a tree. Obviously, when growing indoors, it will have that of a small bush. Its leaves are bluish and covered with oil saturated glands, thus its sought-for fragrance.  


The Eucalyptus plant appreciates being set in an area with direct sun, otherwise its growth will be compromised. The said zone should be hot and humid. Ideally, place it in a Southern or Western facing window. Give your Eucalyptus plant a drink when its soil dries very slightly on the surface for it loves water. The watering frequency may vary depending on the season and humidity level of the room. It will appreciate being misted, which will release its mesmerizing aroma.

When you take possession of your plant, make sure you assess its watering needs. Before you give it a drink the first time, check the soil’s moisture level to verify whether or not it is moist near the surface. It is best to aerate the soil before the initial watering since it is often compacted to avoid shifting during transit. This also allows it to breathe and release moisture.

Rotate your plant periodically in order to encourage an even growth. Cleaning the leaves regularly will stimulate proper photosynthesis. As you wipe the foliage, inspect the leaves on either side to make sure there are no pests.

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